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Owning a property and arranging a mortgage for it, is one of the most important decisions in your life. We thank you for visiting our site and wish to be part of this important journey of your life. While we try to simplify the mortgage process and help you compare your mortgage deal, we request you to read the following terms and conditions and be clear on what you are agreeing to when you sign up with us.

All these legal terms are governed by the English Law, and are between you and smortgage.co.uk

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About Smortgage.co.uk

Smortgage.co.uk is a smart and easy online platform to find the right advisor and compare the mortgage options available for you, just in a click of a button and the comfort of your house and at no additional cost.

Signing up with Smortgage.co.uk

In order to reach out to the right mortgage advisor and find the right mortgage deals for you, you will have to register on our website and submit a fact find questionnaire. Please always ensure to keep your login credentials safe. 

Smortgage.co.uk has the right to suspend or disable your account for any reason, either on a temporary or permanent basis.


Mortgage Advice

Smortgage.co.uk has been designed to share your fact find application reach out several mortgage advisors, so that they can review your situation and provide their initial advice. 

These mortgage advisors are separate and independent from smortgage.co.uk and can at their discretion choose to respond to your application. Smortgage.co.uk will not guarantee responses for every fact find questionnaire submitted on the website. 

Smortgage.co.uk also does not endorse the recommendations and advices offered by the advisors to the applicants on our website. Applicants are requested to review the advices carefully before selecting to choose any advisor to proceed ahead with the mortgage application.

Service fee

Smortage.co.uk does not charge any fee to the mortgage applicants on its website. The mortgage advisors on our platform are independent advisors and are not employed by smortgage.co.uk. These advisors get a commission from the lenders for every successful application. Smortgage.co.uk then receives a part of this commission from the advisors. The mortgage applicants hence do not have to pay any additional cost for using this platform to reach out to the advisors and get the best deal available in the market.

Changes to the terms and conditions

  • Smortgage.co.uk reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time.

Data Subject Consent to process personal data

Smortgage.co.uk requests users to read our Privacy Policy. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to that you have read the Privacy Policy and hereby grant smortgage.co.uk the consent to process your personal data for the purpose stated in the Privacy Policy.

Data Subject Consent to marketing 

By accepting these terms and conditions, you hereby grant smortgage.co.uk to process your personal data for the purpose of Marketing. By providing your consent, you agree that you have given your express permission for us to market you regarding
products and services that we think may be of interest to you and by any means of communication that is suitable at
the time.