Smortage.co.uk does not charge any fee to the mortgage applicants on its website. The mortgage advisors on our platform are independent advisors and are not employed by smortgage.co.uk. These advisors get a commission from the lenders for every successful application. Smortgage.co.uk then receives a part of this commission from the advisors. The mortgage applicants hence do not have to pay any additional cost for using this platform to reach out to the advisors and get the best deal available in the market.

Personal details of the mortgage applicant are NOT shared when the fact find form is submitted on the website. Advisors will only be able to view a part of the information, that is required to understand your situation and find the best mortgage deal for you. The advisors will then get back to you as a response to your application as to what their advice is on the options that are available and best suited to your needs. Only when you review these responses and select an advisor who you think is in the best of your interest, then, the platform connects you with the advisor and provide the rest of the information available on your application so that the advisor can contact you and work directly with you.

No. Smortgage.co.uk is not an online advisor or mortgage broker. We believe that providing advice especially on mortgages is an art that comes from years of experience, knowledge of the new and existing mortgage products and exposure to a multitude of cases and situations. The advisors on our platform have been mastering that art through these years. Smortgage.co.uk is just a platform that helps you connect with those real and independent advisors in the market.